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Looking for the best builders for your next construction project in Sydney? Read on and discover why more customers trust our Concrete Construction Company

We have spent years perfecting Concreting and Construction Services in Sydney to bring you unbeatable service and quality of work. G-Force Constructions also have dedicated teams all over Sydney that specialise in Formwork, Steel Fixings and Excavation. Our specialist services will ensure that your residential, commercial or civil construction project remains on schedule and on budget.

Our approach is professional with a focus on quality, integrity and safety.

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Construction Company Sydney

Our Construction Services in Sydney

Since 2012, G-Force Constructions have been working on ground-breaking construction projects providing Total Construction Solutions in Sydney. In addition  to Construction and Concreting, we also specialise in Formwork, Steel Fixings and Excavation. Our professional services allow us to provide comprehensive Constructions Solutions for any construction project in Sydney. Because we specialise in construction and concreting for any residential, commercial or civil construction project, we help to ensure that your project remains on schedule and on budget. Learn more about how our specialised services can add value to your next construction project.


G-Force Constructions are Sydney’s favourite Concreting specialists. Concreting is at the heart of what we do so why trust anyone else? For all your Sydney Concreting needs, you can rely on our high-quality reliable and efficient services.

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Our specialised Sydney Excavation teams have worked on several residential, commercial and civil construction projects. Our network of Excavation teams have all worked with engineering plans and building and construction contractors to find the best approach to any excavation project.

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Precise Formwork solutions for your residential, commericial or civil construction projects. Accurate to engineering plans, reliable Formwork is vital to ensuring that the entire project remains on schedule and on budget.

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Steel Fixing

Premium Steel Fixing services available across Sydney for all residential, commercial and civil construction projects. Total concreting solutions are what we specialise in and our professional and efficient Steel Fixing services are no exception.

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Pool Construction

Premium Pool Construction services available across Sydney for all residential and community swimming pools. We specialise in precise and reliable concreting solutions and that’s why we deliver Sydney’s best Pool Construction services.

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A company that cares

Why G-Force Constructions is all about safety and security

Our client’s safety is absolutely integral to how we construct any project. We are committed to making sure that your final product is safe and secure and to ensure that our site is always a safe place to be. All the necessary personal protection equipment is used, and we always complete any job in accordance with all safety regulations.

When choosing a construction company in Sydney, why take the risk? G-Force Constructions are always on hand to make your project a reality, in the safest way possible.

Fully qualified and licenced professionals in Sydney

With a passion for construction and concreting, all our tradespeople are trained to the best standard

When it comes to our construction experts, we guarantee to provide the highest quality outcome for any project. All of our fully trained and licenced professionals have a passion for construction and are happy to realise your vision. Engineering plans will always be adhered to with reliability and focus, plus, any specifications will be implemented to the best level of quality.

The integrity of your structure is paramount, so why trust anyone else? Call G-Force Constructions to discuss your new construction project.

Why Choose G-Force Constructions

Our construction services are impeccable and what you would expect from Sydney’s leading concreting and construction company. G-Force Constructions specialise in immaculate concreting work and without any surprise, our construction services are perfect for any project.

Because we work with building and construction companies and with engineering plans, we have the experience in understanding the requirements involved with each project. Dealing with a professional company will save you time and stress during a project as it is one less thing you will need to worry about.

We have the capacity to accommodate residential, commercial, industrial, and civil projects; from high-rise apartments to public infrastructure works. G-Force Constructions have the experience to get the work done safely, efficiently and at a competitive price.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a whole, the construction industry is based around the design, creation, and maintenance of residential, commercial, industrial and government buildings. This also includes other structures such as:

  • Roads
  • Bridges
  • Driveways
  • Utilities
  • and many more

At G-Force Constructions, we focus our efforts on making sure you have a solid structure that is fit for purpose. Whether you are looking for concreting, excavation, formwork, steel fixing or all of the above, we have the experience and knowhow to get the job done.

G-Force Constructions is a local Sydney-based company providing reliable construction services for residential, commercial, and civil construction projects. We feel it is important for all our tradespeople to be:

  • Fully Qualified
  • Passionate About Their Field
  • Safety Conscious
  • Friendly
  • Hard Working

With a focus on safety and high-quality work, our professional and reliable service will keep your project on schedule and on budget.

Construction companies are responsible for the erecting of buildings, dams, bridges, and a multitude of other structures. They essentially turn what is on the drawing sheets into reality. This can include concreting, excavating areas to make them palatable for construction, form work or steel fixing.

When working on a new building project, do not take a chance. G-Force Constructions are the professional construction company in Sydney. We give guarantees of high-quality work at a competitive price, make sure you call today to arrange a quote.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a construction company does the same in this role as most other CEOs. Their job is to plan the direction of the company, organise, manage, and monitor the general activities of the company and they usually have the final say on most issues. CEOs do not necessarily own the company, but often this can be the case.

In a construction sense, a building contractor carries out building work or arranges for it to be carried out. The contractor enters into a contract in which they will fulfill one of these services. G-Force constructions will do the hard work for you. Whatever the structure you want to have built, trust the professionals to get the job done.

All buildings mainly fall into one of 5 categories. Firstly, there is fire-resistive, this provides you with the highest quality protection from fire. They are designed specifically to stop fire from spreading and hence used in the building of skyscrapers. The second is Non-combustible, this is similar to type 1 as columns, floors, walls, etc. are all non-combustible. However, they are not as resistant as fire-resistive.

Thirdly, there is the ordinary type. These buildings are usually made from bricks or blocks with wooden roofs that are not protected from fire. Ventilation is possible and you can find this used in new and old building projects.

Heavy Timber is a very solid type of building. Planks used for columns and beams must be at least 8 inches in thickness and this provides solid stability. It can take a large amount of water to put out a heavy timber building when caught on fire, however, the structure will stay intact for much longer than some other options.

Lastly, Wood-framed buildings are the biggest risk when it comes to fire safety. This type does allow for combustible walls exteriorly and interiorly. It can survive collapse relatively well unless the structure itself is lightweight in which it can fall relatively easily.

In modern construction, there are new technologies that can be used to improve the quality and speed of completing a job. Mobile technology is one such example. No longer are mobile applications just for games etc. The portability of smartphones and tablets make them a great way to communicate and work anywhere. Mobile technology can provide fast updates and information fluidity possible between the site and the office.

Drones are also a new type of technology that are proving particularly useful for construction. They are being used to survey sites quicker than usual and can provide better accuracy. The data collected, alongside the drone’s high-resolution cameras, can also create interactive 3D maps.

Building Information Modelling or (BIM) is software that can create a 3D model of the structure that is to be built. Additionally, this can do more than make an attractive design. BIM software can also create multiple layers of metadata to help all aspects of the build.

There are many more types of technology that are being implemented into construction to make the job easier and more efficient. These include artificial intelligence and 3D printing. For your next construction project, call G-Force Productions today.

Type 1 construction is the building of a fire-resistant structure. Made out of concrete and protected steel, type 1 buildings are steel coated with a fire-resistant material. This is specifically designed to keep as much control of a fire as a building could have, for as long as possible. In the event of a fire, type 1 buildings have the capacity to hold the fire in the room or floor of origin for a longer period. This will give time for people in other rooms and floors below to escape and for the fire service to reach the building.

A Type 2 building is also named ‘Non-Combustible’. Usually this type of structure is a newer build or remodelled versions of commercial buildings. The walls and roofing are made of non-combustible material, hence, ‘Type 2 Non-Combustible’. This is very similar to type 1; however type 2 typically has a combustible roof.

Heavy construction work is defined as construction that is not based around a building. This could be a street, pipelines or sewers, railroad, power lines, bridges etc. They often have their own engineering characteristics and often need specific plans that differ from a typical construction job.

When looking for a reliable construction company in Sydney, don’t take the risk. G-Force Constructions are always on hand to turn your ideas into reality.